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Oregon Mohsian Coven Contacts

Corastrix Coven 

Corastrix is a Mohsian coven located in Hillsboro, Oregon and teaches the Lateralis Run Outer Court for a year and a day of classes. The outer court typically starts in Spring. Next dates 2023/2024. To Inquire please contact us and request an application


We cover traditional Wicca & practical witchcraft basics. We meet twice a month for a year and a day with a set schedule of dates. We look forward to hearing from you.


The screening process includes - a written application & interview for selected candidates. Initiation is possible but not guaranteed upon completion of the year and a day of teaching. We do not charge for teaching.


Open to 21 years of age and above. You must have secure means of transportation. We welcome LGBTQ+.  Note - we have a small dog & lots of stairs. Blessed Be.

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