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The Mohsian Tradition

Helen and Bill Mohs established The American Tradition that became Mohsian in 1964. The Mohs were influential in the early 1960s occult community in the U.S. Their home in California was a place of hospitality and one of inclusion of many different people that wanted to learn and share about witchcraft.  All were simply witches. Dana Corby is the Senior High Priestess of The Mohsian Tradition to date. 

The Mohsian Tradition is a British Traditional Witchcraft path blending 1734, Y Plant Bran, Gardnerian,  and more. Mohsian is a western mystery initiatory tradition honoring feminine and masculine deity. We are oath bound. Initiation is via opposite sex, written and oral lore is passed, and we maintain a core book of shadows. 

A Mohsian is a witch who has had a Mohsian initiation administered by a person empowered to do so in a line of descent tracing lineage back to the Mohs and Gardner.

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